Hello everyone,


Tommy and I arrived at Michael’s house Friday night after around 29 hours of travel.  Our travels were uneventful and smooth, all thanks to the Lord for His grace protection and provision.  We both had a good night rest and are presently studying in preparation for next week’s conference on the Book of Revelation.  Michael and his family are doing well and have provided everything we need to make our stay comfortable.  We have arrived just before the rainy season which means the weather is warm.  However, we have already received a rain shower this morning and it continues to remain overcast.  The rains bring pros and cons.  One of the primary pros is the temperature is much cooler, however, it also makes the roads difficult to navigate and walking in the rain is challenging.  We are content to let the Lord decide which is better.  We will be at Grace Center Bible Church for tomorrow’s worship service and spend the rest of the day resting before the conference begins. 


We are thankful to all of you for your prayers and continued support.  Please continue to pray for our families back home without us.  Also, we ask that you continue praying for the men who will be coming to study God’s Word this week.  Revelation provides God’s detailed future plan that results in His fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant to Israel.  Concluded in those details is the demise of Satan.  Both of these are subjects that Satan does not want believers to understand.  By keeping these things in confusion, Satan has a limited amount of success in blinding many to the Truth.  Since our battle is spiritual, we can expect spiritual warfare to be going on around the teaching of Revelation.  After all, Revelation is the only book that specifically states that one is blessed through reading, understanding, and applying the things written in the book (Revelation 1:3).  Also, in case some of you did not already know, Pastor Mark Perkins of Front Range Bible Church has been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and has already begun chemo treatment.  I awoke to this news this morning.  Mark has been a good friend over the years and we are praying for him and his family and ask you to do the same.


Pressing on in Christ,