Koushe (Hello y’all)




What a difference a few months makes.  When Tommy and I visited back in November, the church building at Grace Center Bible Church was still being framed.  This morning we met in the building with all the comforts of home (accept air conditioning).  We were very excited to see the finished part of phase one and be able to meet with our brothers and sisters in Christ that we have come to know over the years.  We will be having the DM2 conference in their church building this week while we teach the Book of Revelation. (see picture below)


We are both well having rested yesterday and have had two nights of good sleep.  The weather is warm but not unbearable, if you can find some moving air.


We ask for your prayers as we teach this week.  We discussed with Michael last night issues we might face in teaching the Book of Revelation.  The biggest issue is that many do not teach the book because they find it impossible to understand.  Our main goal is to make it clear that Revelation can be understood as God has provided it for us to understand.  The lack of understanding provides a wonderful opportunity to verify for them the literal-grammatical-historical hermeneutic. 


We think it important that they walk away recognizing that the consistent application of this hermeneutic makes it possible to understand God’s sufficient Word.  We desire that God build their confidence through seeing the hermeneutic applied to a book they consider incomprehensible.  Our God created language and chose to communicate His plan to us through the language He created.  He also created us in His image to understand His communication.  He would not give us a book that cannot be understood, but instead communicated clearly and attached a specific blessing to Revelation itself (Revelation 1:3).  So we ask you to be in prayer for us and for them regarding these things.


By God’s grace I will have time to provide you updates on the results of your prayer support.


Pressing on in Christ,