Hello to everyone,

By God’s grace we have completed the conference and are on our way home. The conference went well with over 40 attendees. Most of the members of the core group from the beginning were with us along with some new disciples. The schedule was tight. We started at 8:00am with an hour break for lunch around 1:30 pm and then finished in the evenings at 7:00 pm. With preparations each night along with communicating with our families, I did not take time to write daily reports. Sleep took priority. Having read through the post conference reports we are thankful to the Lord that the teaching through the first eleven chapters of Revelation had an impact in the lives of the men and women. The point of being able to understand Revelation with a consistently applied literal hermeneutic impacted many of the students as they wrote in the post conference reports. Also the understanding of the Rapture of the Church occurring before the beginning of the Tribulation was an encouragement to all. Although, the dispensational eschatological understanding of Scripture is always overviewed and emphasized in each conference, the concentrated teaching on the subject seemed to be impactful. The men and women expressed gratitude to all of you who made our trip possible by prayer and financial support. We wish to express our thanks to you as well and most of all praise to our great God and Savior for His sufficient grace. We are eager to return home to our families but will miss our brothers and sisters in Christ from Sierra Leone.

Pressing on in Christ,