April 3, 2020

Psalm 119

Hello Everyone,

Well, we continue in these interesting times. I pray all of you are staying healthy and operating with caution. More importantly, I pray that these times are intensifying our recognition to depend upon the Lord. It seems the sufferings faced by the Psalmist drove him to understand his need to depend upon the Lord. Like the Psalmist, we have a choice to make.

In Psalm 119:35, the Psalmist expressed his desire to have more than simple understanding of God’s Word. The Psalmist expressed the desire to apply God’s Word with the imperatival of request to “walk” in the path/way built from God’s righteous standards. The path the author wants God to guide him is paved with the commands of God. Adverse circumstances drive us to that same desire faster than prosperous circumstances. However, we must respond with faith like the Psalmist.

Why? Because like the Psalmist, walking in the path of righteousness should be our desire. The Hebrew word CHAPETS means “to desire, delight, take pleasure in, or be eager.” The joy of the Lord is found in taking pleasure in the Lord and His Word. Psalm 112:1 says, “How blessed is the man who fears the LORD, Who greatly delights in His commandments.” Contrariwise, “A fool does not delight (CHAPETS) in understanding, but only in revealing his own mind” (Proverbs 18:2). We continually have the option to rely upon God’s revealed Word or our own understanding. Consequently, the Psalmist’s progression demonstrates his choice to trust the Lord and His Word.

The progression of the Psalm illustrates the humility of relying upon God’s revealed Word. In verse 33, the Psalmist expressed dependence upon God to be taught. Then, the Psalmist expressed dependence upon God for understanding in verse 34. Now in verse 35, the Psalmist expressed dependence upon God for application of God’s Word. In the Church Age, God the Holy Spirit teaches us, gives us understanding, and provides wisdom application when we follow His lead (Galatians 5:16, 25).

What are we going to do with the adversity before us? While our enemy does not want to waste a good crisis, we need to not waste the adverse circumstances. We need to respond in humility, expressed by faith in the Lord and His promises by remembering God uses difficult times to train us in the dependent walk with the Lord. (James 1:2-4) Therefore, let us follow the Psalmist’s example and take advantage of the opportunity the Lord has given to us in these adverse circumstances.

Pressing on in Christ,