May 30, 2020

Psalm 119

Hello Everyone,

As we come to the end of the HE section of Psalm 119, I hope these short essays have provided some encouragement in these most interesting times. During our time apart the reproach against the righteous has increased in these chaotic events. I believe during this entire Covid 19 situation, the Lord has been teaching me patience and a renewed focus to depend upon Him by getting to know Him better through His Word. Furthermore, like the Psalmist, I pray that the Lord has taught us and given us understanding during this time

If you read Psalm 119, you find in verse 39 that the Psalmist contrasts the good judgments of the Lord with the Psalmist’s own reproach or disgrace. The Psalmist’s devotion to the Lord’s Word brought reproach from his enemies and we should expect growing disdain for standing firm for the Truth. At this very hour, we see great divides occurring in our country which creates more chaos and animosity toward others. History is full of examples of Bible believing Christians being identified as the culprit or scapegoat for such chaos (Nero’s
Rome; Aurelius’ Rome; Hitler’s Germany; Stalin’s Russia for ancient and modern examples). We cannot condone the abuse of power nor can we approve the lawless reaction. What we can do is declare the righteous character of God and His salvation in Jesus Christ.

The Psalmist in verse 40 of Psalm 119 longs for the Word of God by which he is revived from an understanding of God’s righteousness. In these chaotic times we have an opportunity to use the unrighteous acts of man to point others to the only righteous Creator Who is satisfied in the perfect Person and work of Jesus Christ. The Psalmist ends the HE section of the Psalm with a desire for the Lord to make him dependent upon Him. The entire ordeal we have been through and continue to endure should, at the very least, highlight our need to live in complete dependence upon the Lord by prioritizing His Word.

The Word of God is His revelation gift that allows us to know Him in time. Such understanding provides confidence in time regardless of the circumstances we face (2 Corinthians 5:6-8). That understanding provides the proper perspective to evaluate life’s circumstances (2 Corinthians 4:16-18). Furthermore, an understanding of God’s Word provides the basis for divine guidance (Romans 12:2) and stabilizes our thinking (James 1:5-8). Therefore, with God’s Word saturated in our souls we can think under pressure and not be swayed by adversity or prosperity.

This Psalm has focused on the need to faithfully walk in dependence upon the Lord through an ongoing walk built upon the knowledge of God’s Word. As our understanding of God’s Special Revelation increases, a greater focus on the Lord should follow. That focus should provide strength to avoid the thinking and ways of this world. However, that focus will also place us a greater odds with the chaotic world system whose reproach will increase toward us. Let us remain steadfast in the face of such reproach relying completely upon the strength God provides. As the disgrace or reproach the Psalmist experienced drove him to a greater desire to know the Lord, may the experience God has seen fit to give us accomplish the same desire.

See y’all Sunday!